Modelling World War One

World War One Modellers! Your County Needs You! To join in a number of events in 2018 to help visitors learn about The Great War through your handiwork Specifically: 21st July 2018 Interactive WW1 Summer Fete, Mobile Trenches, Battlefield Graffiti project & WW1 Model GL3 HUB Community Centre, Churchdown For

Getting a Gripen

As it’s Christmas, here’s an imaginary radio conversation: “This is York Radio, Elvington Tower hailing aircraft at four nautical miles north west of runway zero eight, you are currently at an unsafe low altitude over a built up area, please turn one eight zero degrees and enter traffic pattern”  

The Great Miles Per Gallon Con

This Daily Mail article from 16 October 2014 entitled “The Great Miles Per Gallon Con” makes very illuminating reading for all those driving and operating a car

New Eurostar e320 trains

I thought that I would share this exciting news about the latest Eurostar e320 trains with everyone:   In the light of the tragic – and in the full original sense of the word – outrageous attack on the offices of Parisian satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday

Your taxes in Romania

From The Sun, Saturday 26 July 2014 Some £710 million of UK taxpayer’s cash is to be spent improving roads and railways in Romania it emerged yesterday. It will get £5.7 billion from the EU to spend on transport until 2020. Britain typically provides nearly 13 per cent of Brussels